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a pair of vivid pink diamonds, radiant shape
fancy intense greeinsh yellow and fancy intense green yellow

At Hilit Diamonds we specialize in manufacturing spectacular diamonds in exotic colors.
For the past ten years we have partnered and shared our  offices at 580 fifth avenue in New York, with Octagem Inc. Octagem has close to 30 years experience manufacturing and cutting fancy color diamonds. Their valuable knowledge and experience has helped propel Hilit to be one of the leading fancy color diamond dealers in the world.

We carry, fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid, yellow diamonds from 2 carats up to 50 carats.
Most of our yellows are of VS2 and better clarities with faint or no fluorescence.

Our access to some of the top master diamond cutters in New York insures you that our stones are cut to the strictest standards. This allows us to maximize the color and beauty of our magnificent collection of yellow diamonds.

Over the last 10 years, Hilit has also begun producing and marketing high-end diamonds in exotic colors:
From breathtaking fancy reds, vivid pinks and vivid blues for collectors and high net worth clients, to other rare colors such as green, orange, grey and violet.
We also have more modesty priced color combinations such as brownish-pink, brown-yellow and orangey-yellow to name a few. These beautiful colors are available in a wide array of clarities to accommodate every budget.

Naturally all of our fancy colors  are certified by the GIA and come from various mines,
including the world famous Argyle mine.
Our professional and knowledgeable team can help guide you to the right stone for the right price.